How to Market Your Lawsuit Firm

One of the reasons lawsuit firms have no clients, is because of poor marketing strategies. If a lawsuit firm is not getting sufficient clients, it is probably because they are using the wrong marketing strategies or not using any marketing strategies at all. Here are some marketing strategies you can use to give your lawsuit firm the exposure it needs.

Marketing Expenses

You will have to allocate at least 2.5% of your gross revenue to marketing expenses, and this does not cover the salaries and wages of the professionals employed in doing the work. This amount of money is what you will use to generate new business, visiting clients and taking them out to lunch, and it’s called direct marketing. If you are not ready to spend 2.5% of your gross revenue on marketing, then you are not serious about marketing, and you will not get the results you expect.

Use Videos on Your Website

Using videos on your website to promote your business is very important. Audiovisual advertising has become the number one way of advertising in today’s world. Over 30% of the world’s population has grown up with the internet, and using this medium to get your message across to the public is important. Recording a video and putting it up on your website is very easy, and it is guaranteed to bring clients to your lawsuit firm.

Measurable Marketing Methods

Use marketing methods where you can measure the results. For example, advertising in a local newspaper might be good, but how many people read that advertisement is something you will never know. On the other hand, by publishing a blog, you can check how many people have read it and how many have visited the site, including several other details.

John Church Lawsuit, is a lawsuit expert and has been in the legal profession for several years. John was born and raised in Arizona and attended Shadow Mountain High School and later studied at the Arizona State University.

Participating in Sports is More Beneficial than You Think

Most people think participating sports is beneficial to physical health, but research has shown that the benefits of playing sports goes far beyond just physical health. Participating in sports helps exercise the body as well as the mind. Here are some key mental benefits of participating in sports.

Improve Your Mood

Participating in sports, brisk walking or working out at the gym, stimulates certain brain chemicals that help you feel relaxed and happier. It also genders healthy social behavior and allows you to connect and interact with fellow team players in a recreational setting.


Sports and physical activity have shown to help in sharpening mental skills. It helps in learning, using good judgment and thinking better. According to research doing a mix of muscle building exercises and aerobic exercises, 30-minutes, three times a week can greatly enhance your concentration levels.

Reduce Depression and Stress

One of the best stress-busters is exercise. Physical activity or participating in sports will help distract you from the stress of life and help you move out from a negative mindset. As you exercise, the level of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in your body will decrease, leaving you feeling refreshed. At the same time, while decreasing stress hormones, the body will release endorphins that will make you feel relaxed.

Improve Sleep

If you are struggling to sleep at night, maybe it’s time you started getting involved in some physical activity or sports. Sports and other physical activity will help your body relax, and you will be able to fall asleep easily. Getting sufficient sleep is important as it will impact your mental outlook the next day. However, make sure you do not exercise or participate in any sport within a few hours of your bedtime as it will leave you pumped with energy and unable to sleep.

John Church lawsuit is a lawsuit expert has been in the legal profession for over thirty years. John Church is a man with extensive experience in civil and criminal law and has served clients in the Tristate area for many years. He was born and raised in Arizona and attended Shadow Mountain High School and later studied at the Arizona State University.

John Church, lawsuit expert - Expert Tips to Marketing Your Legal Firm

John Church, lawsuit expert, has spent over 30 years cultivating his expertise in developing relationships with clients successfully. This success came with many challenges that had been overcome by following some very standard rules of marketing and developing new business. Some of these techniques are as common as using the Internet, creating referral friendly business, and focusing your expertise in the field that makes you stand out. It is common practice for many business both global and local, to make your name synonymous with a specific need. In fact, this is a very crucial step to marketing 101 Best practices.

John Church lawsuit expert, is no stranger to success in having them each service helps year your friends specialty to a specific audience. The comparison being fishing with a net or sharpshooting with a spear. And each can also help you establish your authority and expertise in a particular legal arena. Relationships and Referrals are a key component to any businesses success and as a legal expert your reputation follows. A successful firm will find it easier to develop a referral network and afford them the opportunity to be active and involved in the latest of events while maintaining and building professional relationships. In fact, the Internet is one of the sources of how quickly your good standing can follow you. It is important for a law firm to have a marketing presence on the Internet using tools such as social media, advertising and more importantly a website which stands as today’s business card.

John Church, lawsuit expert - Mediation Expert

According to John Church, lawsuit expert, timing, preparation, and research can be an excellent way to iron out the kinks for what could be a long and contentious trial. It’s important to prepare yourself and develop a strong plan of action for a successful mediation. Starting out with timing is everything because mediations often provide clients the opportunity to find that early resolution to the case. Timing helps avoid expensive depositions and dragging out the case longer than needed. You will also find if no intention of a settlement as possible, then a mediation can likely be a poor use of time. That type of setback also highlights why the research is extremely crucial. Understanding such variables as past jury verdicts, key legal issues, and both opposing side intentions can save you a lot of expenses and time. Knowing each factor including the person presiding over the mediation should be a very thorough process where no leaf is left unturned. Mediations are designed to provide clients often the chance to seek out an early resolution to the case. It is important that attorneys are well-versed on the aspects of the case and the laws before mediation. Preparation can be a difference maker in any situation where a challenging or confusing question may arise.

As John Church, lawsuit expert understands, the mediation process and also provide the attorney and their team the chance to display the strengths and weaknesses of a particular case. Helping the client avoid ghastly costs and going into a lengthy trial that could lead to negative consequences for the client.



John Church, Lawsuit Expert - Time Management Tips for Legal Professionals

One of the most difficult things to achieve in any legal practice is an effective time management strategy, one that provides attorneys not only the opportunity to effectively tackle new cases and serve new clients on a regular basis, but to also maintain focus on tackling and completing the existing case/workload. As John Church, lawsuit expert knows, an effective time management strategy, though often difficult to develop, is essential to the maintenance of success and credibility within any firm.

Below, John Church, lawsuit expert seeks to provide what he believes to be the three basic principles of an effective law firm time management strategy.

Take on and Complete the Burdensome Task First

Remove the unnecessary burden of an agonizing task before taking on a new project. Getting the burdensome, unpleasant projects out of the way first can be very cathartic, taking a major load off your shoulders and your mind while clearing the way for what lies ahead.

Schedule Phone Calls

Attorneys require large periods of uninterrupted time in order to be the most productive, particularly with an often complex caseload that requires an extensive amount of focus and attention. John Church lawsuit expert suggests scheduling a period of time each day for necessary phone calls and meetings, leaving the rest of the professional’s time free to the work that’s most important.

End-of-Day Prioritization

One helpful way to manage time more effectively, says Church, is to list the following day’s work priorities before leaving the office. This affords the attorney the opportunity to plan in advance how the next day will go, making it easier to get a jump start on each new day as soon as they get to the office.

John Church, Lawsuit Expert - Basic Negotiating Tips

The negotiations process is an essential aspect of any legal process, as this is often the time the advocate can best argue for and pursue the best possible outcome for their client outside of an intimidating courtroom setting. An expert negotiator for more than 30 years, John Church, lawsuit expert knows how crucial the negotiations process is to the ultimate success or failure of a case, making it crucial for legal professionals to possess this ever-so-important skill.

Below, John Church, lawsuit professional offers what he believes some of the fundamentals of negotiation, basic aspects of negotiation that, when properly adhered to, can increase your chances for a more successful outcome or settlement.

Everything is Negotiable

It may seem cliché, says Church, but it’s important to know that everything, every aspect of a client’s case, is negotiable, something that should be in the mind of the attorney throughout any settlement conference or meeting with the opposition. Don’t hesitate to be assertive when asking for what you want, and refuse to take no for an answer as much as you can.

Take Time to Listen

Too often will a negotiating attorney, says John Church, refuse to let the opposing party get a word in, missing out on a valuable opportunity to find out information so crucial to a successful outcome. Resolution can only be achieved, he says, if one is willing to listen to the opposing argument.

Research and Homework

Negotiators, as Church knows, as essentially investigators, as they need to gather as much information as possible to make a strong and well-supported case for their clients. Commit yourself to the all-important research and homework process before meeting your opponent face to face.

John Church - Lawsuit Expert Provides Helpful Tips for Courtroom Success.

Any lawsuit comes with its own set of unique challenges, and can present both the attorney, and the client, with what can often seem like a complex, even daunting maze of obstacles that can create left turns each step of the way. Though every individual case has its own unique complications, says John Church, lawsuit expert, there are a few basic rules to know and adhere to throughout the process, underlying factors that can make case navigation a little easier in the long run.

Below, John Church, lawsuit expert provides what he believes to be the basic rules of courtroom success; behaviors that will help to ensure both you and your client are as prepared and protected as possible.

Deadlines - Meet Them

Once you or your attorney have filed the necessary paperwork at the outset of a lawsuit, you both will be faced with key deadlines nearly every step of the way. Make sure your attorney is aware of each key deadline, from requesting that your case by heard by a jury to introducing evidence and so on. Each deadline needs to be met in order to begin building a strong foundation for success.

Observe Similar Trials

As you wait for your case to come to trail, says John Church lawsuit expert, do your best to sit in on a couple of cases dealing with a similar issue. Observation will provide you the chance to familiarize yourself with courtroom decorum, as well as what to expect each step of the way.

Know Courtroom Procedure

A professional attorney has most likely spent years learning about and training in how to present an argument, make an objection, question witnesses and so on. An essential part of any case is knowledge of proper courtroom procedure, as knowing the specific rules of a particular courtroom will most likely play well with the judge, jury and opposing counsel.